3 tactics to get more leads from website form

Petr Hejtmánek
January 15, 2023
min read

These 3 tactics help B2B SAAS and Engineering companies get 100%+ more filled forms

If you're like most B2B companies, you want more leads from your website forms. But are you doing everything possible to make it easy for potential customers to fill out those forms? In this article, we'll discuss three tactics that can help increase your conversion rate and get more leads from your website.

Let’s get to it!

1) Work on motivation

Your landing page needs to match the motivation which made your visitors arrive at your page

It might be that they “want” something. Or “need” something. Need is a stronger form of motivation than “want”. Your visitors came for outcomes. Let them know what are the outcomes of working with you. Phrase it as benefits, the ultimate relief points you can find.

Work on your value proposition to be able to do that.

People are social creatures

Social proof is the most effective persuasion technique out there.

People will do crazy things if they see others doing them. Not because they are crazy. But because they want to belong to a group. Make use of it. Adding testimonials, references, and case studies where ever you want your visitors to convert will improve your conversions. A short ‘“It was a great experience”, signed Laura’ at your web form will most likely have a measurable impact.

Show your prospects that other people were happy.

It is best to add kickers

All these little nudges work on humans like magic.

  • Scarcity - if something will not be available in the future, it is more valuable now
  • Reciprocity - give them something for free. If you then ask for something later, it will be easier for them to comply.
  • Show your authority - are you an industry veteran or have another credibility - show it.

2) Remove friction - not only in forms

The more friction to achieve a goal there is, the more motivation we need to overcome them.

And since motivation is difficult to build up, it is necessary to focus on removing friction too. Basic strategies include making important things prominent on the website (change the color of that call-to-action button), removing non-value adding information, or user-testing navigation at your site (where did you hide that form?). All these tactics improve conversions.

Accompany your form with an option to schedule a call directly

In your form, do not collect data that you do not need

It is good to have a name field and a reason field so that you know who and why have filled out the form. But do you really need a country? Title? And 3 other fields you’d like to populate in your CRM but do not really ever use them? A good rule of thumb is max. 5 fields. Turn on autofill. If you ask for a business email, then you do not need the company name. You can get that from the domain.

And if you can, connect your website to an enrichment tool like clearbit and get accurate data seamlessly.

3) Optimize your digital channels for cognitive fluency

Cognitive fluency is the ease with which our brains process brand-new information.

We are more likely to NOT complete a task if it is NOT as straightforward as we would wish. If I click a google ad with the text “Get the highest quality custom print on a shirt” and the page that opens claims “Cheapest prints on a shirt”, then I’m confused. I have to re-learn what I have learned. I have lost momentum. Trust.

Therefore, once you get your prospect on a journey, keep everything aligned for them. Messaging. Visuals. The pace of progress.

Look at your customer journey through the lens of a person who is just learning what you already know.

A bias that affects our view of the world in tandem with cognitive fluency is called “Course of knowledge”. An experienced or aware person sees the same piece of information differently from an unaware person. There is a gap between those two people. Build journeys for unaware people. Once you build them, ask friends, family, or whoever you can to give you feedback.

That is the best way to build funnels optimized for cognitive fluency for outsiders (outside of your company, your task).

And last but not least, build the UX of your website with blocks that are generally known to the public.

Having a beautiful innovative website often impairs cognitive fluency unless it is executed by the top UX professionals.

There are more tips

There are hundreds of practical tweaks which build on dozens of human psychology principles. At WinLeads.digital, we utilize large repositories of UX or copywriting techniques which help companies across the world deliver the appropriate and clear message that resonates with their audience.